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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Change Management in India Post

1. What do you know about the changes the IT Modernisation Project- India Post 2012 will introduce? The IT Modernisation Project -India Post 2012 is launched by the Department of Posts (DoP) in September 2012. The project seeks to make the following changes: Modernisation and Computerisation of post offices across the country, including branch postal offices in rural areas Creation of an urban-rural network Implementation of integrated software covering all operations of the DoP such as Mail Operations, Postal Banking, Insurance, Finance and HR Establishment of the required IT Infrastructure including Data centre, Wide Area Network (WAN) based networking of the departmental post offices Deployment of Rural Information Communication Technology (Rural ICT) infrastructure in approximately 1, 30,000 Rural Post Offices across the country. 2. What will change when the IT Modernisation Project-India Post 2012 is implemented? When implemented, the IT Modernisation Project- India Post 2012 will lead to the changes mentioned below: Better operational efficiency Better visibility of various articles in the mail stream and transparency in financial services like banking, insurance etc Improved customer satisfaction due to faster and more reliable services in postal, logistics, banking, insurance and retail operations Increased revenue through higher market shares in the existing products and services and by introduction of new products and services based on the IT enablement Better decision making and operational planning due to availability of information in timely manner Potential reduction in the transaction cost and availability of manpower for redeployment in marketing and other revenue generating capabilities Enhanced employee satisfaction 3. What will not change as a result of the IT Modernisation Project -India Post 2012? The IT Modernisation Project-India Post 2012 will not lead to the following changes: There will be no physical dislocation of the employees of the Department of Posts (DoP). It will not reduce the role of the post office in the lives of the citizens and customers. In fact, with the introduction of new and better services, the importance of the DoP would grow. The DoP will continue to support its employees. One of the key objectives of the HR function is employee development through improvement in training administration and management

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